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For those who love dragons…

Hey, fellow dragon lovers! The list has been released for the most common passwords in 2014 and “dragon” made the top 10!¬†Pretty cool! Suggestion: don’t use dragon as your password. ūüôā

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And the winner is…

Hey, thanks for everyone who visited and those who¬†played Pick¬†Your Favorite¬†Dragon in my Appreciate a Dragon Day contest & giveaway!¬† Diana was the obvious favorite, although the Medieval Mars dragon got a vote and my son wanted to vote for Duck’s friend Dragon if I had let him enter the drawing, which I didn’t.¬† He has all of my books already. ūüôā¬† Anyway, I used a Random Number Generator from Google and it chose the number 2, which means that the second¬†commenter (Lori)¬†is the winner!¬† Congratulations and thanks again everyone who played!

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Contest & Giveaway for Appreciate a Dragon Day!

January 16 is “Appreciate a Dragon Day!”¬† I didn’t realize until today, but I included dragon characters in every series of my children’s books.¬† How could I not have known that?¬† Dragons, I’m sorry!¬† I really appreciate you! In appreciation of my dragons, I¬†am holding a contest to determine the favorite.¬† Vote for your favorite dragon in the comments below and your name will be entered in a drawing to receive a free book of your choice from my Duck and Friends series, Purple Elephant series or Sam and the Dragon. You don’t have to vote for the dragon in the book you’d like to win. So… drumroll, please…¬†the contestants are… .

Duck’s Friend¬†Dragon (Ahhhhchoo!¬†Bless you!)Duck's Dragon


Diana the Dragon (Prince Carmel’s colorful friend)Diana Dragon


Medieval Mars Dragon (the newest addition — welcome to the family!)Mars Dragon


The Friendly Enchanted Dragons EXtraordinaire (normally known by their initials) from The Purple Elephant: The Journey Home (no photo available)


Which one is your favorite? You have until 5pm PST Sunday 1/18 to vote.  Winners will be announced Sunday night.


Appreciate a Dragon Day was established in 2004 by author Donita K. Paul to celebrate the release of DragonSpell. On her blog, Ms. Paul lists lots more wonderful ideas on ways to celebrate her holiday.

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