Andrew’s Spot

From the kid who invented Duck and Friends…

Andrew McFarland!!!

Hi!  I’m Andrew.  I hope you enjoy my page.  First of all, I’d like to introduce myself and tell you a few of my favorite hobbies.

  1. Building with legos
  2. Writing on this website
  3. Eating chocolate
  4. Riding my bike and scooter

Want to know why I get this special page?  Because… I invented Duck, Hen and Cat!  I hope you enjoy my books.


Today I went to Vacation Bible School and I got to see two live cheetahs! The cheetahs were from Wildlife Safari. They purred, but they didn’t do anything other than purr and go after steak pellets with vitamin powder on them.


Today at Vacation Bible School while we were doing nothing, I thought of a new Duck story for Mom to write.

P.S. It’s top secret so I can’t tell you, but I’ll give you a clue.  It has some droids in it.



5 thoughts on “Andrew’s Spot

  1. Hi Andrew, Your books are really creative. Thanks for helping your mom come up with new ideas for your next book.

  2. HI, Andrew, It’s so fun to know Duck and to hear about all of the farm adventures and mishaps. You are a great storyteller. So glad they enjoy Catalina’s barn!

  3. Janet

    Andrew, I LOVE your spot! And as you know, I also love Duck & Duck’s friends, and especially love YOU. Also, you write really well. Thanks for posting your thoughts!

  4. I love Duck! You invented someone pretty special, Andrew.

  5. Wanda Fisher

    Andrew, I love your page…it is good to know more about you….I too like to write, but best of all…I love chocolate….You are my kind of guys….

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