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All my books for children have been reviewed by Readers’ Favorite.  The Purple Elephant, The Purple Elephant: The Journey Home and Duck and Friends: The Computer Chase all received five stars.  The reviewer for Duck and Friends: The Dinosaur Bones thought it would be better if the pictures were in color (in a perfect world, they would be!), so she gave it four stars.  You can find all the reviews here.

Other Reviews

Periodically I get Amazon reviews that really make me smile.  As new ones come in, I’ll post some on my blog, but on this page, I will be posting some of my all-time favorites.

About Duck and Friends: The Dinosaur Bones, an Amazon reviewer wrote:

“This book had me grinning from ear to ear! Hilarious! Seeing the cows up a tree after being scared by the T-Rex is just superb!

Are you getting the idea that I enjoyed this book? I hope you are getting the idea that you might find it an enjoyable read too!

Duck decides that he wants to go dig for dinosaur bones so calls his friends, Hen and Cat. After doing all the digging, how are they going to transport the bones back to Duck’s farm? By Blimp, of course!

With the cows scared how is Duck going to persuade them back to the barn? Where is he now going to store the T-Rex? This book will appeal to both boys and girls and is also educational in how they build and decorate the new home of the T-Rex. Picture in your mind ten chickens painting. What happens when one gets covered in paint and loses all her feathers? Who will come to her rescue to keep her warm?

I would recommend this book for the entire family. I plan on reading it aloud to all our children but it would also be great for young independent readers. It is a chapter book so too hard for beginning readers but has enough repeated words that it is great for those who have a good grasp of reading but are not quite ready for long chapters or things like Shakespeare yet! The penciled drawings just add to the story!

A MUST HAVE for your children’s library. You won’t regret it! EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT! Bock!”

About The Purple Elephant, an Amazon reviewer wrote:

“Start with the adventuresome Prince Carmel Cornelius, then throw in a mysterious purple elephant, a friendly fire-breathing dragon, a wicked wizard, a reluctant princess, a chattering parrot, plenty of cocoa cookies, and a generous dose of humor. What have you got now? A fun 78 page picture/chapter book with an imaginative tale that is sure to delight your children either as a bedtime read aloud or as a read alone. My kids laughed a lot while I was reading it to them. At one point, one of them snuck off with it to finish it, not wanting to wait for the rest of us. Later, we couldn’t find it and staged an all out hunt for it — we were determined to finish it! I think we managed to polish off the book in three sittings since my kids were eager to read several chapters one after another. We all need upbeat and life-affirming things to read!”

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