Intervals, Scales and Chords (oh, my!)

Intervals Scales thumbnailIntervals, Scales and Chords, (oh, my!) is the first edition of my music theory fundamentals textbook.  Intended for high school and college music students, this text is an approach to music theory fundamentals which is centered on the building blocks of the scale and the circle of fifths.  It takes the student from first recognition of notes on the staff to an understanding of complex chords and lays a solid foundation for further study in music theory.

I thought the title was kind of catchy, but it proved to be too cumbersome for everyday use — in the classroom my students called it, “The Orange Book.”  I revised the text in 2014 under the title, Music Theory Made Simpl(er).  The primary changes in the revision are the addition of more worksheets for practice and some additional sections within the chapters.

This book is no longer available on Amazon — replaced with Music Theory Made Simpl(er).

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