The Purple Elephant

PE cover thumbnailThe Purple Elephant

“Don’t touch the purple elephant!” the king warned, but the purple elephant’s skin looked so soft that Prince Carmel couldn’t resist. He stretched out his hand and gently touched the elephant’s face. Immediately, the purple elephant raised his trunk and trumpeted. Then, he reared up on his hind legs…

So begins an adventure sure to delight young and old alike. “The Purple Elephant” can be read a chapter at a time as a bedtime story, but most will want to read straight through this enchanting tale. “The Purple Elephant” contains all the good old-fashioned ingredients — an adventuresome prince, a reluctant princess, a friendly fire-breathing dragon, a wicked wizard and a generous dose of humor.  Suggested grade level: 1st-5th. (This book makes a great adult read-aloud to younger kids and a great chapter book for those who are already fluent readers.)

There are three formats for this book: paperback black & white, paperback color and kindle color.  The title and picture links will take you to Amazon’s paperback b&w format.  The kindle format is listed on the Amazon screen.  To find the paperback color version with Kim Sponaugle’s beautiful watercolor illustrations, click on format and expand, or follow the link here.

The Purple Elephant: The Journey Home

Journey ThumbnailThe adventure that began in “The Purple Elephant” continues in “The Purple Elephant: The Journey Home.” I don’t want to give too much away, so I’ll just say that this volume is also filled with humor and surprise.  Find out what happens next!  This book is illustrated with fun b&w pencil sketches from artist Kim Sponaugle. Click on the title or cover to get to the Amazon listing.


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