Mars stuff for Kids!

Mars is the setting for my newest book, Sam and the Dragon, a chapter book for kids ages 9-12!  I will announce the release date very soon.  Today I came across a really fun site all about Mars with activities for kids.  NASA is sending a spacecraft called Orion to Mars in December.  Orion will carry a microchip with people’s names on it, just for fun.  If you’d like to send your name or a “postcard” to Mars, you can follow the links on this site.  There are lots more free activities, too!  Have fun!

Here’s the link:

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4 thoughts on “Mars stuff for Kids!

  1. My favorite is Cidney Swanson’s Saving Mars series. Love those books!

  2. This sounds brilliant!

    • I agree! And it’s a great way to get kids excited about space travel! Adults, too…

      • I think getting kids excited about space travel is one of our best hopes for the future. And I am personally a little bit obsessed with Mars myself – a huge fan of Kim Stanley Robinson’s wonderful Mars Trilogy.

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