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So I’m probably the last person on the planet to figure this out, but there’s a really cool website called where people post what they will do for $5.  It is used by professionals from many fields, but the majority are those who can perform and deliver their work online.  The sellers are from all over the world, including places where $5 goes a pretty long ways.  Of course there are many sellers who want to give you just a sample of their work and persuade you to purchase the upgrades for more money.  My favorite are those who will draw you a picture for $5 and then for $5 more they will remove their signature so you can use it.

No matter, there are some really great deals.  Right now I’m working with a guy from Croatia who is converting my new piano books to kindle and saving me literally hundreds of dollars.  I suppose I should feel guilty about outsourcing overseas for a better rate, but somehow, I don’t. 🙂

So take a look and browse.  Just don’t get sucked into the “Oh!  It’s only $5!” and go crazy ordering things like: “Read anything you want in an Irish accent on film” or “Perform a creative beatbox for you or your friends and upload it to Youtube” or even “Draw you as a cartoon.”  It’s crazy, it’s fun, and a lot of the postings are real services somebody might actually want.

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