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Interview with Pam Halter

Hey peeps! Author and children’s book editor Pam Halter has posted an interview with me about the new self-publishing services offered by Spencer Meadow Press. Check out the interview on her blog Fairies, Fantasy, & Faith. Check it out here!

And if you want more info, contact Donna at

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Help for Self-Publishing Authors!

ben-white-197668-unsplash with textSpencer Meadow Press is launching a new venture providing a la carte services to self-publishing authors! Get the help you need without having to pay for things you’d rather do yourself! Services include a free one-hour consultation, layout, cover design, proofreading, online setup and more! Most book genres and music! Special introductory prices won’t last long, so contact Donna today!



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Readers’ Favorite Reviewer


RF_Official_ReviewerI have a new fun little hobby. I have become an official book reviewer for Readers’ Favorite! Any author can submit their book to the Readers’ Favorite site for a free review. The book is chosen by one of the many official reviewers, who will read it and offer their honest opinion. Four and five star reviews are posted in various places, while three star and below reviews are only shared with the author. If you want multiple reviews or you want your review to happen quickly, you can pay a fee for faster service. I’ll be posting some of my reviews here on my blog when there are books I’d really like to recommend.

Readers’ Favorite also runs contests and the great thing about their contests is there are 140 categories, so there are lots of prizes awarded. I have entered my new book Worship at the Keys into their contest, results to be announced September 1. Wish me luck!

Check out the site here:


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So I’m probably the last person on the planet to figure this out, but there’s a really cool website called where people post what they will do for $5.  It is used by professionals from many fields, but the majority are those who can perform and deliver their work online.  The sellers are from all over the world, including places where $5 goes a pretty long ways.  Of course there are many sellers who want to give you just a sample of their work and persuade you to purchase the upgrades for more money.  My favorite are those who will draw you a picture for $5 and then for $5 more they will remove their signature so you can use it.

No matter, there are some really great deals.  Right now I’m working with a guy from Croatia who is converting my new piano books to kindle and saving me literally hundreds of dollars.  I suppose I should feel guilty about outsourcing overseas for a better rate, but somehow, I don’t. 🙂

So take a look and browse.  Just don’t get sucked into the “Oh!  It’s only $5!” and go crazy ordering things like: “Read anything you want in an Irish accent on film” or “Perform a creative beatbox for you or your friends and upload it to Youtube” or even “Draw you as a cartoon.”  It’s crazy, it’s fun, and a lot of the postings are real services somebody might actually want.

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